Worried About Concussions and Dementia?

by Dr. David Alter, PhD, LP


Does having a concussion mean I am going to develop dementia? With all the media attention about ex-football players who develop a form of dementia called “chronic traumatic davecasualencephalopathy” or CTE, that question is on the mind of many people who have suffered a blow to the head that jostled the brain enough to cause a “brain bruise” or a concussion. A single concussion or even several of them does not cause dementia, which is a name for a progressive breakdown of brain functioning that can be caused by many factors, and which does not usually show up until later in life. The best way to learn about your risks of dementia, about how your brain is functioning now, and about what you can do to improve brain functioning, is to go through a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation. I offer these evaluations through my practice at Partners in Healing of Minneapolis. I look forward to talking with you! To learn more, go to