David Alter, PhD, LP

david-alter-phdDavid Alter, PhD, LP, is a founder and Clinical Director of Partners in Healing of Minneapolis. He is a graduate of the University of Health Sciences at the Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine in Chicago.  He completed his internship through the University of Minnesota Internship Consortium before obtaining his PhD in clinical psychology.  His 26 years of clinical experience in the Twin Cities involves the practices of health psychology and neuropsychology, and he maintains an active general clinical psychology practice.  His subspecialties emphasize the ways in which the mind, the brain and the body interact in the course of day-to-day life, which developed his understanding of the mental, physical and emotional aspects of client’s presenting concerns.

Dr. Alter’s clinical work applies those interaction patterns to treating a wide range of psychological, psychophysiological and interpersonal challenges.  For example, Dr. Alter works with individual adults who present with problems involving persistent pain, different gut disorders (e.g., IBS), headache/migraine, anxiety problems, depression, as well as specialized applications such as preparing for medical/surgical procedures.  He also works with couples who present with a wide range of interpersonal relationship challenges, which are often helped by mind-body principles that enhance communication abilities, deepen intimacy and improve the ability to achieve positive goals in their relationships and in their lives.

Dr. Alter has a longstanding interest in a wide range of healing approaches that he utilizes in his therapy work with adult clients.  His work emphasizes ways that clients can learn to access and activate inner healing resources.  He draws on both western and eastern healing traditions.  Among the approaches that he utilizes is clinical hypnosis, biofeedback, and methods for developing emotional regulation skills.  He recognizes that ultimately, helping people to develop changes in symptom patterns is what leads to greater health.  Therefore, he incorporates many different strategies to assist people in making positive change in their lives.

The Program for Conscious Living: An Integrated Pain Management Program
Dr. Alter has developed a set of services that are designed to assist people with persistent pain problems to manage their pain and to restore higher levels of daily functioning.  The services are based upon the results of a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary evaluation process, and can involve individualized sessions with our clinical staff who offer psychological, osteopathic, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and manual therapies.  For some clients, involvement in a group-based program that integrates mind-body-based pain management services is preferred.  Regardless of the treatment path that is chosen, the goal is to recognize how to make positive, conscious choices that enhance the quality and function of daily life.  That is the principle behind The Program for Conscious Living.

Neuropsychological Evaluation and Consultation Services
Dr. Alter is called upon to conduct neuropsychological evaluations on a regular basis.  These evaluations consist of extended interviews and use of selected cognitive tests that put the brain to work to enable identification of patterns of strength or weakness in thinking that impacts day-to-day functioning.  These evaluations are typically requested by physicians to address questions about the impact of illness (e.g., Alzheimer’s dementia, vascular disease, multiple sclerosis, major depression), injury (e.g., brain injury, work injury, chronic pain), or other cognitive difficulties (e.g., adult attention deficit disorder or learning disability) on day-to-day functioning.  The evaluations result in recommendations that can guide an individual’s treatment to achieve higher levels of daily functioning.

Training and Supervision Services
In addition to his therapy practice, Dr. Alter is an active teacher at local and national conferences, training clinicians in the use of clinical hypnosis to address problems of mind and body, and also provides clinical supervision to other professionals. 

Health Plan and Business Consultation Services
Dr. Alter is a consultant to a large health plan in the Twin Cities with a particular emphasis on the interaction between health psychology and neurological disorders and their impact on the daily functioning of the clients he is asked to evaluate.  He is also actively involved with a gastroenterology practice and a Fortune 500 company located in the Twin Cities, and often asked to consult on the clients they refer, as well. 

Medical-Legal Consultation Services
Dr. Alter consults with insurance companies and attorneys to address questions about what might be impacting an individual’s level of functioning, what can be expected in terms of a reasonable level of recovery following an injury or illness, and the degree of cause and effect that can be established between a specific event (e.g., an injury or illness) and the degree of persisting symptoms or level of functioning that the individual exhibits.  He conducts evaluations that involve disability determination, fitness for duty, and determination of functional capacity.

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