About PIH

Partners in Healing (PIH) of Minneapolis is a holistic health and wellness center located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. We integrate the best of Western and Eastern healing systems to meet your unique health care needs. We address the physical, mental/emotional, and social aspects of your health care. Here at PIH we respect your inner wisdom and partner with you to find what you need to be healthy.

The range of services we offer includes individual, couple, family, and group therapies, and group-based healing programs and classes, as well as body-based and energy-based therapies.

Drawing on the diverse backgrounds of our staff, our services consistently integrate mind and body and support long-term health and improved mental, emotional and physical functioning. While an individual's illness may be brought on by an infinite number of factors, there are three key factors we recognize that consistently improve people's health status, regardless of how an illness may have first developed.

First, people differ in how easily they heal. This is often described as "resilience" or "stress hardiness," which involves how easily a person is able to bounce back from health/life challenges. While people differ in how resilient they may be, resilience isn't a fixed or unchangeable process: People can - and do - learn to increase their resiliency, thereby improving their ability to take charge of their lives and improve their overall health. That is why our services are designed to increase our client's resiliency so as to better face life's on-going challenges.

Second,at PIH we recognize that no single treatment approach is right for everyone. That is why we work to always find the right match between each individual and particular treatment approaches that are available and that work best for that particular person. All too often, people's desire to get well and their frustration over the limited benefit they've obtained from treatments they have already received can lead them to pursue new treatments in a desperate search for the "right answers" to their difficulties. Unfortunately, this often leads to a cycle where their lives feel more and more out of control and their lives become increasingly organized around the demands of their illness or other life circumstance. Therefore, at PiH we spend time working with each person to help them develop a sensible, manageable and efficient treatment plan with achievable treatment goals.

Lastly, how people perceive, interpret or make sense of their lives has a huge impact on how they respond to various situations. The great German poet Johann Goethe said, "If we can conceive it, and we can believe it, then we can achieve it." Too often, people's personal struggles or illness conditions are maintained by the "story" of their life. In effect, they live a life path that says, "My history continues to determine my future." We help our clients to re-write their life story by altering patterns of perception, optimizing individual resiliency, selecting appropriate treatment options and teaching our clients/patients to take healthy perspectives on their circumstances. In that way, we help them unlock the innate healing capacities that we all have within us.

For more information or questions, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our Center at 763-546-5797.  We look forward to working with you.